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Use this ai video repair tool to fix corrupted or broken mp4 files instantly.

Repair Corrupt & Damaged Videos

This web app can be used to Restore a damaged and truncated video files to a working versioon that can be played by all video player app like vlc, etc.

Support Popular Video Formats

Our online web app supports all video file formats such as ogg, 3gp, mp4, m4v, m4a, mxf, rsv, mov, etc!

Fast Video Repair Tool

This is an extremely Fast video Repair Tool to repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files in seconds or minutes depending on the duration of the file. When you select a song and you click on the upload button, it takes about 15 seconds for it to finish processing and then you can get your working video file that you can now play with any video player of your choice.

Machine Learning Analysis

Our intelligent artificial intelligence machine learning tool is capable of recovering all kinds of damaged, truncated and unreadable mp4, mov and avi files. Our tool is well trained using deep learning analysis to repair moov atom in video file header. Our web app achieve higher accuracy than other conventional tools like ffmpeg,, untrunc and vlc.

Completely Free

Our Website and App is totally free at no cost. You can use this tool any number of times with no restriction and at no cost. You can also perform bulk video repair online on this page.


repairVideoFile is a tool thats available to everyone to use to Repair corrupted videos online easily. A lot of media files get damaged due to a lot of reasons like Error writing or reading data, sudden shutdown of camera, virus infection on pc, bad internet connection, Sudden system shutdown, corrupt video headers and bad hard disck or storage. A lot of these damaged media files can be salvaged, that is why we created this useful tool to allow you recover your video data irrespective of the extent of their damage.

You can now repair corrupt, broken, truncated and unplayable video video files. We support video files made with all kinds of professional cameras like Sony, Apple iphone, BlackMagic, Drones, Mavic Pro, Apple proRes, vehicle dashcam, goPro, Canon,Spark, DJI Phantom etc.

We support a wide range of devices like memory cards, apple laptops, windows pc, cameras, drones and tablets.

Our AI video repair tool has been extensively trained to efficiently analyse video files to detect the cause of damage and then automatically fix it.

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